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The Cooperative

A model of sustainable tourism

Our philosophy of sustainable tourism development

Ensure intelligent, responsible development that meets the needs of current generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

To give substance to our ambitions to avoid anarchic exploitation of the territory, the Vallée Bras-du-Nord cooperative has adopted, from the outset, the principles of sustainable development in tourism. We have made this not only our philosophy, but also our duty and, above all, our responsibility.

The strength of our model

Responding to economic, social and environmental concerns, while maintaining a balance between these different spheres.

The strength of our model creates a real spirit of cooperation and a strong sense of belonging, with a win-win sharing of decision-making power.

Photo: Myriam Laroche

Photo: Myriam Laroche

Involving local communities and users

The particular characteristics of the territory, made up of private and public lands, encourage the cooperative to favour a development orientation that integrates local communities and users. Moreover, preserving the landscape is one of the principles of sustainable development. This preoccupation fosters concerted action among stakeholders, ensuring the long-term enhancement and conservation of the natural jewel that is Vallée Bras-du-Nord.

Our flexible cooperative model brings together partners, producers, residents and workers. In another innovative project, it also involves local young people in difficulty.

An educational component

Since 2015, in collaboration with the ALCOA Foundation, we've been putting forward various offers related to environmental education and eco-citizenship.

This aspect is expressed in a number of ways and is present in various projects put forward by our cooperative. Our partnership with the ALCOA Foundation involves training a number of leaders and ambassadors to promote the environment and, more broadly, sustainable development.

Vallée Bras-du-Nord is very proud of this partnership and intends to spread the word about the benefits and positive spin-offs of this wonderful project, making the promotion of sustainable development and eco-citizenship its spearhead!

Our commitments to sustainable development

For more than 10 years, as evidenced by the numerous awards it has won, the Vallée Bras-du-Nord cooperative has demonstrated its ability to innovate and successfully achieve the goals it sets itself. This astonishing success, particularly in sustainable tourism, is a source of great curiosity. The directors are regularly invited to share their experiences.

Here are a few examples of our cooperative's eco-responsible actions and commitments:

Leave No Trace Canada Program

Calling on our customers to adopt eco-responsible practices in their outdoor activities

Education campaign

Set up an education and renaturalization campaign for the Bras-du-Nord River's riparian buffer strips.

Concerted action to harmonize forest uses

Including right-of-way agreements on private land, the cohabitation of different stakeholders on public land, and exchanges and sharing on the vision of sustainable development surrounding the Vallée Bras-du-Nord territory and related issues.

Ongoing preservation efforts

Work to characterize sensitive landscapes and make ongoing efforts to preserve them, in particular through greater enhancement.

Louis-Jobin outdoor program

Education and interpretation of nature and ecosystems for our customers and through the outdoor option at Louis-Jobin high school in Saint-Raymond.

Working together to meet the challenges of regional development

Such as light pollution, visual integration of new buildings, electrification of rang Saguenay, safety and risk management in isolated areas, paving the road to Accueil Shannahan, social acceptability of the cooperative's business development.

Construction of "green" buildings

Promoting wood as a building material (the cooperative is a signatory of the Coalition Bois, énergie alternative)

Conferences and training

We promote the Vallée Bras-du-Nord cooperative's sustainable tourism model through conferences and training courses.

Protecting and enhancing future prospects

Satisfy the current needs of tourists and host regions while protecting and enhancing future prospects

Sustainable tourism development is seen as leading to the management of all resources in such a way that economic, social and aesthetic needs can be met while maintaining cultural integrity, essential ecological processes, biological diversity and living systems.

On condition that all the players involved participate actively and commit to the effective implementation of sustainable tourism.


our team

Do you have any questions about our solidarity cooperative, our community initiatives or our conference program? Our team will be happy to provide you with further information!