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A model that attracts curiosity

The many successes achieved in recent years and the multiple spin-offs generated by the Vallée Bras-du-Nord solidarity cooperative model are attracting a great deal of curiosity.

This model is spreading throughout Quebec and beyond.

Invited on several occasions to share its experience in setting up and developing the cooperative, the Vallée Bras-du-Nord team has developed a range of services to meet growing demand.

We're proud to share our experience

Whether we're talking about our social economy business model, our strategic positioning as a major ecotourism destination, or our achievements in social and professional integration, the cooperative is proud to share its experience.

Conferences can be tailored to your needs and interests. All topics can be covered in a comprehensive presentation of our cooperative model.

Our sustainable development approach to tourism

Our innovative social economy model

Achievements of our approach to socio-professional reintegration

Investing in young people

Our strategic positioning in recreotourism

Our roots in the community as a force for development

Past public presentations

Tourism, cycling and the Route Verte symposium
Lévis Convention and Exhibition Center,
Lévis, 2013

Quebec Camp Association Conference
Developing outdoor activities for young people
Victoriaville, 2013

Conference on the development potential of mitis
Vallée Bras-du-Nord Solidarity Cooperative
Mont-Joli, 2013

Québec en forme's big event
"the challenges of a physically active lifestyle in rural areas
Quebec City Convention Centre, 2013

International Cooperative Summit
The innovative cooperative model of Vallée Bras-du-Nord
Quebec City Convention Centre, 2012

Social economics courses
Vallée Bras-du-Nord's social economy business model
Université Laval, 2009 to 2013

Spatial planning course
Introducing the Vallée Bras-du-Nord model
Université Laval, 2009 to 2013

Conference at Cégep FX-Garneau for Environment Week
The Vallée Bras-du-Nord ecotourism model
Cégep FX-Garneau, 2013

Symposium on community forests in the Lower St. Lawrence region
Introducing the Vallée Bras-du-Nord cooperative model
Esprit Saint, 2012

Annual municipal leisure conference (aqlm)
Presentation of the outdoor option at louis-jobin high school
Montréal, 2012

Forum coopératif de la Capitale-nationale
How do cooperatives contribute to social issues?
Université Laval, 2012

Table de gestion intégrée et du territoire de Portneuf
Vallée Bras-du-Nord cooperative model
Saint-Raymond, 2012

1st Quebec symposium on regional parks
Vallée Bras-du-Nord cooperative model
Manoir du lac Delage, 2011

Quebec Council for Cooperation and Mutuality
A model of sustainable tourism
Center des congrès de Québec, 2011

Magog Social Economy Forum
Presentation of the cooperative vallée bras-du-nord
Multifonction Center, Magog, 2011

Portneuf Social Economy Forum
Introducing the Vallée Bras-du-Nord cooperative
Multifunction Center, Saint-Raymond, 2011

Forum on youth mobility
The Quebec cooperative model of Vallée Bras-du-Nord
Aquitaine, Bordeaux, 2011

Apéro allant-vert
Organizational model for sustainable tourism development
Musée de la civilisation, Quebec City, 2010

Canadian adventure therapy symposium
Vallée Bras-du-Nord therapeutic adventure project
Montréal, 2010

Adventure educational experience
Presentation of the "en marche" project
Chicoutimi (uqac), 2010

Social Economy Forum
The Vallée Bras-du-Nord cooperative model
Québec, 2010

adventure ecotourism quebec annual conference
Guest panelist
Parc du Mont Orford, 2010

International meetings of tourism and outdoor sports activities
A Quebec model of sustainable tourism
Nantes, France, 2010

Vallée Bras-du-Nord cooperative model
Saint-Casimir, 2009-2010

montmagny-l'islet social economy forum
Introducing the Vallée Bras-du-Nord cooperative
Montmagny, 2009

Strategic mobilization for recreation and tourism development
Introducing the Vallée Bras-du-Nord cooperative
Thedford Mines, 2009

Symposium on the enhancement of the forest environment
The Vallée Bras-du-Nord model
Québec, 2009

Social economy symposium
The bras-du-nord valley as an international model of social economy enterprise
Bordeaux, France, 2009

Tourism conference (Ministry of Tourism)
Quebec's innovative tourism structure
Québec, 2009

Quebec Council for Cooperation and Mutuality
A co-op to manage a fleet
Montréal, 2008


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Do you have any questions about our solidarity cooperative, our community initiatives or our conference program? Our team will be happy to provide you with further information!