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Projet En Marche

A socio-professional reintegration project

Intervention through nature and adventure

The Vallée Bras-du-Nord Cooperative's Projet en Marche is an innovative initiative to help young adults in difficulty. By offering a working environment in nature, the program enables participants to develop patience, tolerance, rigor, teamwork, determination and perseverance, while building and maintaining the valley's trail network.

A unique opportunity
for young people

Projet en Marche is a unique opportunity for young people to overcome personal challenges and boost their self-esteem by accomplishing a meaningful task.

In addition to providing work experience in the forest, the Project also offers an adventure expedition to strengthen the bond between participants and nature.

This unique approach offers a path to socio-professional reintegration for young adults aged 16 to 35, helping them to overcome life's difficulties and realize their full potential.

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Discover your full potential

Do you know someone who needs significant experience to discover their full potential and re-enter the job market? We'd love to hear from you! Projet en Marche is looking for participants aged 16 to 35 to complete its 21st cohort!
More than just job coaching, Projet En Marche is an extraordinary opportunity to take time out, get to know your strengths and develop your self-esteem.

Recognized expertise

Our Coop's mission is both social and environmental, which has enabled us to develop a unique and innovative expertise in nature and adventure intervention.

The success of this approach is indisputable: for over 20 years, some 300 young people have taken part in the construction and maintenance of Vallée Bras-du-Nord trails through Projet En marche. Of these, 75% have returned to the job market or gone back to school.

In fact, our expertise has been recognized over the years: in 2018, the Prix Reconnaissance Jeunesse was awarded to the Project's head coordinator, Etienne Beaumont, for his involvement with customers in difficulty.

The cooperative's team is frequently called upon to give talks on its approach to intervention through nature and adventure, and the impressive results it has achieved over the years.

Our coop

Our cooperative is a tangible, living and inspiring model of sustainable development.

This cooperative model brings together employees, producers of tourism services and landowners.

Our mission: To ensure the sustainable and harmonious recreational and tourism development of the Vallée Bras-du-Nord territory, a territory inhabited by some 50 landowners who generously grant us rights of way.

With a mission that is both social and environmental, Projet en Marche is a concrete and inspiring example of sustainable development. By donating to Projet en Marche, you contribute to our added value!


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